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Earthkeep Farmcommon's unique collaborative approach brings producers together to farm the 580 acre farm with diversity, integrity and ingenuity.

The more than 100 year old historic barn -- with the iconic red roof -- and its associated outbuildings will serve as a center to promote farmers at Earthkeep Farmcommon produce, beverages and baked goods.

Looking to the future, the architecturally inspirational second floor of the barn provides an innovative space, a culinary classroom for the education or organic locally grown food as culinary medicine. The first floor would provide space to market farmers' products, tasting stations, informational demonstrations and a gallery exhibiting the history of agriculture in the Champlain Valley -- and how new practices can regenerate farm soil and production in positive ways.

  • Clayton Floral: growing beautiful flowers alongside Jacob's produce behind the red metal barn

  • House of Fermentology: blending honey from Nordic apiaries into beverages made with grain grown and malted on site

  • Jacob's Fresh Produce: growing organic produce on the sunny west-facing slopes of Earthkeep Farmcommon

  • Nitty Gritty: farming Earthkeep Farmcommon's cropland to turn the farm toward organic production through cover crops and soil management practices

  • Shrubbly: growing Aronia and Elderberry to make "shrub," a steep of berry juice, apple cider vinegar and spices

  • Slowfire Bakery: on-site milling of Nitty Gritty's grains to bake nutritious and delicious baked goods

  • Sweet Sound Aquaculture: raising fresh shrimp at Earthkeep Farmcommon

  • Vermont Farms & Gardens: growing garlic and edible nursery plantings for edible landscapes at Earthkeep Farmcommon

  • VT Malthouse: malting grains of wheat, rye and barley for Vermont brewers and distillers

  • WhistlePig: raising grain at Earthkeep Farmcommon for malting at the VT Malthouse on site, to be used in their specialty batch VT mash. (WhistlePig whiskey itself is distilled at the company's distillery in Shoreham)

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