Clayton Floral: Flowers and decorative foliage grown at Earthkeep Farmcommon

House of Fermentology/FOAM Brewers: Ale blended and aged with botanicals and honey (from on-site apiaries), made using VT Malthouse Malt

Fresh Fruit and Veg: Jacob's organically grown produce from Earthkeep Farmcommon

Nitty Gritty Grain Co.: Flours and flour mixes created with Earthkeep Farmcommon crops

Shrubbly: Aronia and honey-based soft drink from shrub steeped at Earthkeep Farmcommon with Aronia and elderberries farmed on-site

Slowfire Bakery: Bread and pastries crafted from Nitty Gritty organic flour

Sweet Sound Aquaculture Shrimp: Saltwater shrimp raised at Earthkeep Farmcommon

Upstate Elevator Supply Co.: A craft cannabinoid manufacturer offering certified organic Vermont CBD products made from hemp grown at Earthkeep Farmcommon

Vermont Malthouse: High-quality malt, created from local grain and supplied to breweries and distilleries around Vermont

Whistle Pig: Whiskey from grain malted at the VT Grain Co-op by VT Malthouse at Earthkeep Farmcommon

Special Guest:

Laurel Fulton Waters: Painting of the iconic red-roofed barn