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The time is now, and there is a chance we can make a difference.

Our Vision, Mission & The Opportunity...

Vision:  To strengthen the imperative bond between farming, economy, and nature, from the ground up and for our common good,

Mission:  Accelerate regenerative diversified agriculture at Earthkeep Farmcommon and across Vermont by discovering, demonstrating, and disseminating knowledge, practices and products that enable farms to become economically sustainable in support of Vermont's 10-year Agriculture and Food System Strategic Plan.


The Opportunity:  Hundreds of vulnerable Vermont farms can be made vigorous and productive again with viable economic models based on regenerative principles and diversified farming in sectors that can scale to serve the northeast food market and mitigate climate change. An awakening among communities, philanthropy, and government is changing priorities. Now is the time to leverage that opportunity. 

Earthkeep Farmcommon represents a new model of collaboration bringing the farm, nonprofit, and higher education sectors together, hosting and supporting farmer/producers to bolster farming, nature, and economy by working year-round across 5 food calorie sources (vegetable, fruit, dairy, grain, protein) to put into practice sustainable and replicable models. 

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