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Latest News!

Earthkeep Farmers Collective featured in the Washington Post. Sweet Sound Aquaculture,  House of Fermentology, and Vermont Malthouse were each highlighted for climate-mitigating innovation.

Be sure to enjoy the videos embedded in the article!

Fran Stoddard Interviews Will and Robin on "Across the Fence"

Fran Stoddard talks about dairy, climate change, and regenerative agriculture in Vermont with Will Raap and Robin Jeffers of Earthkeep Farmcommon

A short film of Ben Tutko's flock of sheep returning to do their solar mowing magic at Earthkeep Farmcommon this fall

Martha Stewart

Our Farm Manager, Jacob Keszey, was featured on in a story on growing hot peppers that was picked up by Yahoo News!

Vermont Public

Click the audio player below to listen to a Vermont Public Report on Ben Tutko's flock of sheep as "brush hogs" at Earthkeep Farmcommon

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