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Meet the Earthkeep Farmcommon Team

We must measure profitability in ecological, economic, and social terms by finding common ground and working toward integrated goals.


Will Raap, CEO

Will is the visionary founder of Earthkeep Farmcommon and the Vermont Regenerative Agriculture Center. He founded and grew Gardeners' Supply and the Intervale Center. 

We must prioritize soil health and local food supply; these are indelibly linked and key to any viable future.

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Robin Jeffers, COO

Robin oversees Earthkeep Farmcommon, and supports the VT Regenerative Ag. Center. She has a background in sustainable community development, land stewardship, and farm oversight.

The story of regenerative transformation that begins at Earthkeep Farmcommon has the potential to restore hope everywhere.

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Joel Gardner

Joel is Communications and Farm Projects Manager. His background is in photography, filmmaking, and technology. He brings to the team a passion for environmental stewardship.

Vermont and the Northeast can and will benefit from research testing and proving new agricultural models.


Jacob Keszey

Jacob, our Farm Director, has extensive experience with regenerative practices. He manages and helps our Farmer Collective plant and tend crops for their production needs.

Will's vision challenges conventional thinking, but he has always had a knack for seeing the good in new ideas that bring together communities.


Marianne Balczuk

Marianne maintains our databases and provides administrative support to the whole team. She comes to us by way of Gardener's Supply and Shelburne Farms.

The practice of regenerative agriculture makes good dollars and cents, but that's not the only reason to do it or even the best.

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Paige Brothers

Paige brings her head for numbers, her bookkeeping, and a passion for accuracy and business analytics to Earthkeep Farmcommon and the Farmer Collective.

Bringing grain production home and crafting a wide range of malts, we hope to see Vermont and the Northeast grow strong, climate-resilient economies.


Rob Hunter

Rob, Vermont Malthouse GM, brings a keen aptitude for engineering solutions to provide our brewery and spirits industry customers superb malt, locally sourced. 

When we reduce our carbon footprint by offering Vermont's brewing and spirits industry a product matching Europe's, beer lovers and the planet win.


Jamie Dragon

Jamie, head maltster, brings more than a decade of experience and a strong passion for beer to the art of malting at the Vermont Malthouse, ensuring superb quality.

Earthkeep and the VRA Center are solving the riddle of public, private, nonprofit, and investor collaboration –– all for the good of future generations.

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Scott McArdle

Scott's deep experience as a nonprofit business and development consultant and philanthropic advisor supports Earthkeep Farmcommon and the VRA Center.

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