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Among our farming innovations and future visions is to include growing, harvesting and extraction of botanicals to produce products for health and wellness, with partners Kria Botanicals, Shrubbly Prebiotic Beverages, Upstate Elevator Supply Co., and other agricultural entrepreneurs interested in floral and herbal extractions for tinctures, salves and more.

Currently in the early planning stages.

VT Botanical Commons practices methods of extraction, steeping, blending and mixing botanicals grown at Earthkeep Farmcommon and other area farms. The Commons is an innovative center focused on supporting and advancing the use of botanicals in health and wellness products. Look for these in our upcoming Farmer's Markets.


Upstate Elevator Supply Co.: A craft cannabinoid manufacturer offering certified organic Vermont CBD products made from hemp grown at Earthkeep Farmcommon.

Shrubbly: A prebiotic beverage made from a "shrub" of aronia berry juice steeped with spices, honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar are the base of this delicious and healthy drink.

House of Fermentology: A small-batch beer blendery that takes a slow approach to fermenting fine malted beverages. HOF blends honey produced in Bill Mare's apiaries and local botanicals with malted beverages made with malt made at Earthkeep Farmcommon to produce fine ales aged in oak barrels for up to two years.


Kira Botanicals and agricultural entrepreneurs interested in botanical extraction, herbal extractions, and florals.

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