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Earthkeep Farmcommon



Our 583 acre farm is home to both VRAC (VT Regenerative Agriculture Center &  Earthkeep Farmers' Collective, our Farmcommon brings the two together to demonstrate the positive benefits of their shared values of regenerative farming principles, practices & outcomes.

Vermont Regenerative
Agriculture Center

 A VT non profit engaging with like-minded stakeholders to mobilize resources and opportunities, conduct scientific research, develop educational & demonstration programs, and field tested practices to accelerate the success of farmer/producers in achieving the shared Earthkeep mission. 

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Our Farmer Collective model brings together a community of values aligned farmer-producers discovering new ways to tap into the collective benefit of shared equipment & infrastructure that improves economic viability through collaboration.


The whole point of regenerative farming is to be economically and ecologically smart about the modernization of farming. Farming is an art as much as science; stewardship as much as technology. We lost this balance and now must rediscover it. Our local food supply and agri-economics depend on it.

Will Raap, Founder

Vermont's farms and forests are not only our heritage, they are our future. Their viability is inextricably linked to the health of our economy, our resilience to climate change, and our sense of place.

Nick Richardson, Vermont Land Trust

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